Thursday, April 29, 2010

Over in Tacoma

I just fielded a phone call from a calling service that originated somewhere else. It wasn't Asia or Africa -- the people I could hear in the background were speaking largely unaccented English. My caller had a faint Hispanic accent.

The agent she wanted to speak to does not work in my office -- she works on the Westside. So when I gave the caller her cell phone number, she asked if there were different hours which would be better to call in.

Me: "No -- she doesn't work in this office at all. She works over on the Westside. But call that number, that is her personal cell phone."

Caller: "Oh, then that would be -- the Burnside office?"

Me: "No, THIS is the Burnside office -- that one..."

Caller: (interrupting me) "Oh, that would be over in Tacoma!"

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