Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Keeping my germs at home

Okay, I have pretty much decided that this bout of allergies is actually a cold. I caught Doug's cold. I think this because it has been coming and going in such large waves all day, and that is what a cold does, and not really what allergies do. Not so much, anyway. So this is good, since it means I will get over it fairly soon, and is also bad, since it means I can't just take an antihistamine. It also means that I can't go over to Jill's birthday party this evening, but must just go home and keep my germs away from her and the rest of my friends.

Spot of annoyance with Joe last night -- he called and asked me to pick him up at his girlfriend's house at eight-thirty. I was reading but I finished my book at 8:28, and then got shoes on and drove over there. And waited. And waited. And waited. At last I got out of the car (in my sweatpants) and rang the doorbell. Her mother and father both answered the door, and were amazed to see me. Parents don't do much door-to-door picking up in this age of cell phones. Joe came upstairs and left with me. And then when I asked him why on earth he wasn't waiting for me, he gave me this long high-pitched senseless flood of information to indicate that he had called me and when I did not answer the phone, somehow it never occurred to him that I might be on my way to get him. He thought I was "asleep" or "had gone shopping" or maybe was "out driving around" -- none of which I ever do when I have arranged to pick someone up!

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