Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Or Maybe Two

This has been a good weekend -- I have actually been able to do nearly everything I have been telling myself I would do.  This includes laundry -- washed, dried, folded and put away; dishes -- washed, dried and put away.   The table still isn't cleared off and the tablecloth washed, and my bed isn't stripped and the sheets changed -- but it's barely noon, so how much do you want for a nickle? 

I have also been tidying things in between bouts of dishes and laundry and watching Hawaii Five-O -- so the whole house is looking pretty good.  And I'm not even tired, or bored, (the main thing that frequently keeps me from continuing when I start a cleaning project) and  nothing hurts (except my head, and that's a result of not getting up until seven this morning -- I felt the headache before I even opened my eyes -- and it hasn't responded to caffeine or ibuprofen) so this a win, all the way around. 

I left off at noon, and came over to the library to use the computer, and now I am going to play Scrabble for a few minutes before heading home to vacuum and strip the bed and so on.

It's a bright afternoon, and I noticed the brightness of the yard yesterday, now that all the leaves have fallen from the tree.  For the past couple of weeks I have been coming and going after dark -- and, of course, Thanksgiving weekend I was up in Ocean Park -- so I hadn't noticed.  But it's noticeable.  Almost everyone is dressed appropriately for the chilliness of the day, although a group of twenty-something girls just walked by without a coat among them. Silly things.

A grandmother and her granddaughter -- about two or three -- are in the reading circle, and I just heard the little girl say, very seriously, "No, I'm not leaving, MeMaw.  We're staying one more minute."

The grandmother said, "Oh, okay, one more minute?"

And the little girl said, "Yes.  One more minute. Or maybe two."