Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sleepy Bye

Well, goodness me -- this is the first time this has happened to me! Which causes me to worry, privately, if I have crossed a line into becoming an elderly person -- someone to whom things happen that never happened to them before!

Last night, I settled myself in bed, sitting up against a stack of pillows, with my quilts tucked cozily over me, a book open on my knee, and a cup of piping hot, sweet tea to drink. A sure-fire recipe for a good night's sleep, or so you would think! After about three pages of the book (a new library book)I, apparently, fell fast asleep, and tipped the whole mug of tea over onto myself, soaking the quilts, the pajamas I was wearing, the mattress, and even the corners of my pillows. That woke me, you may be sure, but I was so very soundly asleep, that it took me several seconds to figure out what had happened. Even when I had, I just wanted to continue sleeping, and so I put the book and the cup on the bedside table and curled up to go back to sleep. But as the large wet spots I was surrounded by began to turn icy-cold, I soon woke up all the way! Got up, changed my pajamas, pulled my old quilt from a pile and went back to sleep.

Therefore, when I woke this morning and got out of bed, I simply tossed the still-damp quilts back so that everything could dry.

Now, I take a cup of tea to bed with me, every night. And I frequently fall asleep over the book I have also taken. But I have never combined the two things with the falling asleep -- the tea is always on the bedside table when I wake up and realize that the lights are still on and its three in the morning. So am I now officially an old lady? Will I be wetting the bed soon?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Morning

This morning I woke oddly -- my alarm did not go off, at least to my memory -- cuz it MUST have gone off, and I MUST have turned it off -- right? But I still woke around the right time, and slept and woke enough times to feel like getting up at about the time I would have gotten up if the alarm HAD gone off. Showered and dressed and went to make my coffee. As I stood in front of the kitchen sink in my sweet tiny little kitchen, my eye was caught and held by the picture outside the window. Trees on either side, framing the square view in an almost too perfect style -- green leaves, with just a hint of turning, with bright yellow trees behind them on the other side of the creek, and a floor of red and gold leaves on the ground leading up to the water. The ground covered so thickly with red and gold that the pewter grey of the water shone in a fine firm line, rippled occasionally with small silver ripples, and a small duck poised in the very center of the picture. The whole lit delicately by the rising sun. I stood and stared at it, while part of my mind hung its mouth open, and another part was gabbling, "oh, gotta remember this! Gotta draw it or take a picture of it or write it down so that I REMEMBER...!" But I know that none of those things will happen. I can't draw it or paint it, I have no camera, and even though I describe it ten times more closely and more fitly than I just have, I still will not remember it. Just won't! Life!

So. My mother has cancer.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Last Minute City

Well, correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe that today is Tuesday, the 20th of October, 2009. And I ALSO believe that this house is due to be auctioned off on Friday, the 23rd of October, 2009. And yet, I got a call this afternoon from my cousin Mickey, who, as you know, is also my real estate agent. What's that you say? An offer on the house? A long-awaited offer on the house, which is hours from it's foreclosure auction? No!



Yes. And even though I am still sort of betwixt and between in this whole moving thing, thinking with anxiety of the things that need to happen before I can settle down into unpacking at the new apartment, I am suddenly so relaxed that I can hardly stay awake. Whew! This could be the bacon-saving moment. I could walk away with a chunk of cash to give to Aunt Kathy! Wa-HOO!

Joe is "dying" "so sick, Mom" that he cannot even use the phone, and yet he has two friends down in his bedroom with him. What sort of sense does that make? So anyway, he's of no help to me at all, so I think I am just going to do some clean-up around here, and then take another load over to the apartment, and maybe see about setting up the stereo in the living room.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Moving Day -- One of Them!

Well, today is the day of the moving van! I'm a little unhappy about this, since I hate (HATE) moving. I hate carrying boxes in and out and up and down. I hate struggling up stairs with one end of a couch or a dresser. I hate having to be the one who tells other people to do things that they don't want to do.

On the other hand, at the end of this weekend, I will be moved! Not necessarily moved in, but at least moved! And then for the rest of next week, I can drive back and forth in the evenings with stray belongings, and sort things into drawers and cupboards and perhaps sell some of this stuff.

So, it is 8:30 on Saturday morning, and since I have been up since 6:30, I'm starting to feel like taking a nap already. But instead, as I wait for Joe to come home, I think I will pack up a carload of books and make the drive. When he gets home, I will have him drive me to the U-Haul office and pick up a truck, so I don't have to leave my car there all day. Would anyone like to help?