Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Right Back to Sleep

Okay -- I am finally, just now, coming to life. I overslept this morning, because I stayed up too late last night reading a book that I have already read, and knew how it ended. But it was both too well-written to want to skip a single page, and also too scary not to get it resolved. If I stopped and left the story unfinished, then the one-eyed handsome psychotic killer with the wealthy enabling parents would have been lying there in the bed beside me until morning! Can't have those monsters roaming the peaceful greeen countryside, can we? (to quote Mitch Leary/John Malkovitch) Anyway, it was also a cold night, and I put the afghan from the chair across my already heavily covered bed, and so by morning I was absolutely cozy. I won't do that tonight. Gotta have some discomfort to make the waking up easier! I should drink a large beverage, cover the bed scantily and open the window wider.

No, what I really ought to do is remember to get some batteries for my alarm clock, so that I am not trying to be woken by my clock radio. I mean, it works and all, but -- it isn't sharp and unpleasant enough, and it doesn't wake me all the way up, just enough to turn it off. And then right back to sleep.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Squawk Beep Squawk

You know for someone who loves -- loves! -- to write as much as I do, it's very nearly worrying that I have spent so long without even the slightest desire. In fact several times I have thought "You know, I should write that down on my blog," but then felt not the slightest answering urge, and in fact, felt a negative reaction to the idea! Worrying. If someone else were watching this happen, they would probably try to get me to go see a doctor.

But otherwise, I am quite happy in my life -- not with my energy level, but with everything else. I would like to comment on something, though -- perhaps this a rude behaviour which is so commonplace that no one thinks it is rude anymore, but I certainly hope not.

I'm at work, and the phone just rang, with an Asian woman asking for my boss. I told her he was not in the office, and offered her his cell phone number. She agreed, and I began to tell her what it was. As she repeated the numbers back to me, she was entering them into the same phone she was talking to me on, so that a loud squawk-beep-honk was filling my ear. After the 5 - 0 - 3, I protested. "Please stop that!" I said. "That's right in my ear!" She said, "'Uh, yeah, 4 -8 - 1?" SQUAWK-BEEP-SQUAWK. All the way through to the end of the number.

So is this an acceptable level of idiotic behavior nowadays? It better not be.