Saturday, July 11, 2015

Happy Days Are Here Again

Hmmm -- I'm sitting up in bed this morning, listening to the quietly occasional twittering of birds, and enjoying the cool ocean air,  And then I realize I've been hearing that distant shuddery thump -- not unlike the scene in Jurassic Park where you see the water in the glass tremble? -- for awhile now.  It isn't rhythmic, so I'm reasonably sure that no T-Rex is about to burst through the undergrowth and shriek-bellow with rage.  It can't be anything firework-related, can it?  It would be like someone lighting sticks of dynamite at a distance.  But this is close enough to make the floor vibrate, and yet not loud.  Very T-Rex!  Any ideas?  

So I'm quietly happy this morning, for several reasons.  Firstly, I'm up at the Retirement Home, and I love it here.  There is always a little more progress made on the house, that I can admire and enjoy, I love the weather and the location (ocean ocean ocean) and it is always an enjoyable visit.  Even when my dad starts talking about things I cannot argue with him about, although I want to, and I know he hopes I will -- but my arguments would all contain  things I know would wound him, and I'm just not willing to do that.  And eating Mom's cooking always makes me feel like a kid again, plus I made an exceptionally delicious peach and strawberry pie.  Mmmmm -- gonna eat some more for breakfast.  What?  I'm getting my fruits and vegetables!

Secondly, I was offered the job I was hoping for, as a Support Service person for United Cerebral Palsy.  And yesterday I called my boss and gave notice.  So that is excellent news, and  the only bad part easily taken care of.  And now I only have a week and a half that I have to spend with CoWorker for the rest of my life.  The rest of my life!  Hooray!  Huzzah, huzzah, oh, that is such a relief.  I'm beaming as I think of it.  Sometimes the meek DO inherit the earth, or if not the earth, per se, at least a very different section of the earth than those unmeek people.  

Goodness, that thumping is getting closer.  Is there a giant lost in the woods?  A slow-moving but very heavy giant, who can only take one step at a time?

Thinking it over, I realize that a part of my joy in this job-situation is this: other times in my life when I have been looking for work, I have spent a long time and a lot of effort at it before even getting an interview.  And then the interviews themselves were a strain and a blight.   And this time I sent  an e-mail -- written pretty casually -- and attached my resume, and heard back within two days.  Had an interview two days later, and was offered the job a week after that. Since I had been looking at each new day with dread at RHP, the length of time I was sure it was going to take me to find a new job was making me gloomy.  But then, instead of heading for the Administrative section, I thought about it and opened up the Non-Profit Sector instead.  Since I can't count on my abilities in the office to pass muster, if the company is going to be staffed by young people, (what does a Social Media Advisor do, actually? All day long?)  but I can count on my interpersonal skills.

Hmm, One-Legged Giant has stopped his massive thumping. Wonder what that was?