Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Afternoon

So, it is a lovely afternoon.  Bright and sunny, but not hot, so I can fully enjoy the beautiful blue-and-gold day and the colorful neighborhood it is lighting up.  

I devoted this day to cleaning my kitchen, finally, since I did not end up doing  a lick of work on it yesterday -- kept falling asleep and then reading and falling asleep again.  So this morning when I sat down with my hot tea and a book, and felt myself drifting off, I overcame my sedentary urges and got up and got busy.  The kitchen is mostly clean, now -- just a few more dishes and maybe a mop to the floor, and it will be somewhere I can welcome guests with a light heart and clear conscience.   (Though when I say "guests"... it's mostly for the light heart and the clear conscience.) 

And yes, I did abandon the project for an hour or so to come to the library and use the computer, but don't worry, I fully intend to return to the task as soon as I get back to the house.  It's difficult to steadily wash a great many dishes, especially those involved in pie-baking, (seven pies last week! SEVEN! ) when you don't have a sizable dish drainer to stand them in.  Every ten or twelve dishes, I have to stop and either give them a few minutes to drain (preferred) or else dry them with a dish towel (not preferred -- in fact, disliked).  And it gives me those few minutes to fill the sink with another bunch of berry-stained, or flour-encrusted dishes to soak for a bit before turning to and scrubbing.  And that is also a relief.  Let's me feel busy and efficient instead of lazy and slovenly. 

Also, my back is unusually achey today -- I don't know why, although I feel, with no evidence to bolster my theory, that it is somehow connected to sleeping so much yesterday.  Even if I had been sleeping in a bed, I would be stiff today, but I wasn't, I was drooping in my wing-back chair.  So I am certain to have strained at least my neck muscles, which were forced to hang onto my heavy head as it sagged at perilous angles from my shoulders.
Last night we watched a movie in the yard -- I had requested it from the library, after hearing Linda and Russ talking about a Marlene Dietrich movie that I had been shot at Vista House on the Gorge.  "Golden Earrings" it was called.  A sillier movie may have been made, once upon a time, but I don't remember having seen it!  It was fun, however, -- I had made a cobbler from Grandma Mary's recipe, which both fed my neighbors and used up the small amounts of four kinds of berries  I had in this weeks food box.  Not enough to make anything of any of them, but plenty for a bumbleberry cobbler.  And Russ brought chips and pretzels, as well as drinks, and a good time was had by all.

Apart from that, I need to buy a few groceries today -- I'm out of bread, for one thing -- and then my weekend chores will be accomplished, and I can sit down and watch Big Bang Theory.