Monday, April 12, 2010

The sound of a migraine

This is the fist time in my migraine-riddled life that I have observed the start of one. That I was aware of the very beginning!

It was one thirty in the morning. I was sound asleep. Joe came home and came to my bedroom door and woke me, saying "Mom -- sorry to wake you, but it's an emergency."

Well, it wasn't an emergency -- he just wanted to beg to have two friends come in and sleep on the deck, even though he has done exactly that before and gotten nothing for his pains. I was refusing even before I swam to the surface. And, as I was saying, "No -- no -- they all have homes quite close by -- that isn't a reason, Joe," and so on, I was aware of a little sound or movement that occurred in my head. If it was a sound, it was like "ping!" or "click!" and if it was a movement, it was the sort of movement of a small stiff bit of plastic snapping. But it really was sort of both. And immediately, the pain began.

This is day two. And really, shouldn't I just say that unless it is ACTUALLY an emergency -- like blood and death and needing the ambulance -- he should stay away from my bedroom door after midnight? Why yes, I should. AND I HAVE!

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