Monday, April 12, 2010

Psst! Hey, Kid! Ya Wanna Referral?

So, I am at work and the phone rings.


I answer promptly, of course.

Me: "Good Morning, Oregon First. This is Elisabeth."

Nameless Caller: "Is this Fannie Mae?"

Me: " ........uh -- no, this isn't. This is Oregon First, we are a real estate agancy."

Nameless Caller: "You aren't Fannie Mae? Is she there? Can I speak to Fannie Mae?"

Me: "No -- Fannie Mae isn't a person, you know? It's a government banking business. There isn't anyone named Fannie Mae."

Nameless Caller: "I'm interested in a house that she is selling. Can I leave a message for her? This is the number, isn't it?"

Me: "Okay -- wait a minute. Hold on! There is NO PERSON named Fannie Mae! It's the name of a banking company!"

And so on. I finally put her on hold and called over to Nameless Agent.

"Hey," I said, "Ya wanna referral?"

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