Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birds, birds, birds

It is a gorgeous cool and grey Sunday morning! The sound of birdsong is new and delightful on the pale grey air. I am still wandering around in my pajamas, with my hair loose, having drunk my coffee and read the newspaper. I'm now taking a break from the re-assembly of the bed. So far, good. Frame is neatly back together, with some additional support for the headboard, and I have managed the wooden cross-rails and the box spring and mattress. (Those last two items are the things that need replacing!)

Now, it is merely a matter of making the bed with the neat square stack of blue flannel sheets that await. I also washed my antique quilt and dried it on the deck overnight, so all the tiny spills of tea are also gone -- or should be! Tea is a pretty powerful stain, come to think.

In a few minutes, when I get up and go resume this job, I will also make and eat some breakfast (scrambled eggs and toast and tea) and comb my hair (nub-bun) and dress. (jeans and light, cool shirt) Then I will head over to the Salvation Army, and spend some solid time browsing. Looking at everything and seeing if anything speaks to me. That is so satisfactory, I almost wonder if I have some sort of faint OCD as relates to it. No -- I know I don't. Or if I do, I am able to completely control it, so it can't actually be a disorder. So still no.

I will then do my weekly shopping (sugar and coffee filters and possibly some milk. Oh, and maybe some bird seed? Can I afford such indulgence?) and then see about playing Scrabble with Alan! Yay hooray!

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