Sunday, April 18, 2010

Almost too cool

Well, I am returned from the previously mentioned Salvation Army, and I come bearing gifts! That is, at least, gifts to me! From me, as well, but definitely gifts. The best and largest (literally as well as figuratively) of these is a pair of patio chairs, made of very light hollow metal, painted grey-green and with a back and seat made of tightly stretched woven cloth-of-plastic. And also grey-green pattern. Yay hooray! I have been longing for a chair out there, but none of my household chairs suited at all. And there just never were any outdoor-type furniture at the SA, unless very VERY expensive (by my standards!) And these, the pair of them, were less than twenty dollars. WooHoo!

However, I have had to pick up my book and my drink and the phone and come back inside, since it is just a little bit too cool to sit in the shade outside today! Now if there were sun on me, or if it were two degrees warmer, I would probably be fine. Or if I were wearing a sweater, as I was yesterday, when it WAS several degrees warmer! And that day I was sweating freely.

So now I finish my drink (cranberry-raspberry-bourbon) and head off to the grocery store.

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