Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bedknobs and Brake pads

Thursday evening, I went into my bedroom when I got home from work, and sat on the edge of my bed to remove my shoes. CRRR-R-Rackkkk! The headboard separated itself violently from itself, all the little what? slats? no, they're square -- so not rods or spindles, either -- hmmm. All the little square posts that rise from the bottom of the headboard to the curved top came wrenching out and the side posts broke from the bottom slat as well. There must be a word for square posts, in a furniture sense. Anyone?
I have now taken the headboard from the side rails and removed it into the hallway, and fitted it all back together. The bottle of wood glue is poised and ready, too. But since Kevin just called and I am going to be taking him to the grocery store, I thought I would just have a quick cuppa and rest for a moment or two. This sort of hunched over, curled up labor is hard on a tall fat lady.

And, I am newly returned from Neibur Road, where old-friend-of-the-family Bob Chambers gave my car a thorough going over -- it sits, corrected and forgiven, in my parking space! He changed my oil, filled up the antifreeze, gave me new brake pads and a new tire and rotated my other three, all the while lecturing me mildly on optimum car upkeep. It drives so smoothly and silently now! I am very pleased with it. Thank you, Bob!

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