Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Checking in

Mmmmmm...... now this is GOOD coffee. I just took the first cup of the pot I brewed for the Wednesday morning meeting. It is very nearly as good as the cup I made for myself at home this morning, before I got dressed and drove here. I drank it while looking down on the extreme, heart-swelling beauty of the back yard -- the lower part greening all over the ground, the fresh new green of the leaves on the three trees, the fresh cool air and the silver grey of the surface of the water. It was quiet this morning, too -- I mean, twitters and chirps, and the occasional splash landing, but no one was honking or quacking. Very peaceful and early morning-ish. The large green circle of tall sword-blade-leaves -- soon to be lilies, or possibly irises -- is vividly green. Green like it was creating the color right there. Man, I hope irises. That would be such a thing of beauty if it were true. The beds of riotous purple and lavendar and shading-to-pink of the hyacinths is starting to fade, but the intensity of the green leaves is still passionate and earnest. Lovely.

Well, quarter past nine, and still no one is here. Where are they all?

I'm meeting Paget for lunch today, at Newport Seafood Grill. That will be fun, and will break my day up nicely. And tomorrow morning is my blind-date-breakfast. Although I haven't heard anything from him for several days -- so perhaps not. But we will see. In either case, it means I will get a breakfast!

Oh, and by the way -- this is Day Three of the No Candy at Work program. I keep the candy bowls full, but do not eat any. That ought to be a significant lowering of my caloric intake. It's harder than you might think, too!

Well -- I talked to Joe last night -- he called for no other reason than to apologize for never calling me back that day. So that was nice. I wish I were able to just accept this kind of thing without looking for behind-the-scenes ulterior motives. Which of course I did at once.

Okay, well -- nothing really to say. This is just me, checking in.

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