Friday, April 9, 2010

Lashes of Glory

On the bus this morning, I saw my first (well -- as far as I know) pair of false eyelashes. I don't believe I have ever seen a real person wearing them. If I have -- I didn't recognize them for what they were. This time, however, I did. They were on a girl who got onto the bus I was riding -- the 75 from Milwaukie to St. Johns. She got on around Hawthorne or Belmont, can't actually remember. And she wasn't very extreme, not in any direction -- she wasn't glam, she wasn't indie, she wasn't trampy. None of the sorts of "outfits" that might require the lashes. She was between seventeen and twenty-five, short, sort of pudgy with a round face and dark hair, ordinary clothes -- and these enormous lashes, that swept out from her cheeks about half an inch.

Interesting to think that at one time these were standard leave-the-house wear. Everybody wore them, just like everybody wore wigs and girdles, and young girls wore padded bras. Nowadays -- or at least during my young lifetime -- that would have seemed so false -- "plastic" it would have been called.


Another example of the moving face of time, and how fashions just go around in circles, over and over. So when will we be wearing hats and gloves? Or corsets! I mean, those came back in as sexy outerwear, for a few years, but never for the masses. Men should wear homburgs and neckties whenever they leave the house, and never be seen in their shirtsleeves.

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