Tuesday, December 8, 2015


This is perfect weather.  I want to just sit at the window and watch!  I keep finding myself standing in doorways, taking deep breaths.  It's gorgeous! 
The sky is a thick pale grey, but the air is warm.  There is a constant, gusting breeze, but it's from the southwest.  Rain is falling steadily, but the water is so warm, and in such tiny droplets, that you can't even feel it on your skin! 

I did my grocery shopping this morning, and got back to the apartment house around noon.  That was a very busy time of day for our street, so I could find no place to park close enough to unload my groceries, even though I drove around and around the block, watching closely, and waiting for someone to leave.  Finally I gave up and drove over to park in the library lot.  In the three trips I made back over to the apartment with my bags, I got some up close and personal experience with this rain.  It was lovely.  My hair sprang into wiggles, it always does when it's damp -- I just wish it would do it enough, so that I could have curly hair, instead of merely untidy and lumpy hair, going in all directions.