Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Damp Days

Lovely, lovely day!  Leaves a delicate tracery of gold, copper, and bronze against a pale grey sky, all gaily dancing in the breeze -- light but muscular, and tossing my hair around my face -- ahhh!   Smiling weather.

Buses whooooshing by, broooom-jingle-scrunch!  Cars a lighter, smoother hisssss of the pavement, still wet from last night's rain.  Motorcycle -- which should not be out in this weather -- blap-blap-blap-brunnnngle-blap-blap-blap.

I don't even care that my car is in the shop, having its brakes examined, and new tires put on -- can't afford that, but what can you do?  Smile and keep walking.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A trip to Bedfordshire

Well.  I'm not sure where to start.  I've sat here drinking cider and mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and completing quizzes like "Name all the Sesame Street characters!"  (100%, BTW) because I almost don't feel up to writing down why I am not bursting with fruit flavor this evening.

Okay.  So my house was completely clean because two of my sisters came to visit me twice last month, and then I had a day of assembling a costume, and baking nut tarts.  Which completely destroyed the clean house, as I was rushing from place to place trying to get the #$%@ bald cap to stay on my head and get the caramel filling to thicken and turn golden without burning and so on.  Sticky swathes on the counters, bits of nuts on the floor, drifts of fake fur all over the carpet, scissors, needles, thread, pins and so on everywhere else.  Really did a number on it.  And then I remembered that Aunt Jeannette was coming by to take me to dinner last night.  So I had one evening to undo all that hastily created disaster.  But, however, I did so, and the house was once again vacuumed and dusted and washed and dried and put away.

So, today, I had a dental appointment at 7:30, and then I went to Starbucks and was working on all the photos that had been piling up on my camera, when I got a phone call from the woman with whom I had been communicating about buying her antique oak bed frame, with inlaid flowers in the foot board.  (That's a long and possibly run-on sentence, but I'm just leaving it.  That's how unwriterly I am feeling this evening)  She was a block away from my apartment, with the bed frame in the back of her truck.  So I rushed home and helped her unload it, paid her for it, and then sat back and gloated over it.  However, while I was helping her unload it, I hurt myself -- not because it was heavy, because pfft!  Come on!  It's a bed frame!   But somehow, in the back and forth, I pulled a muscle or strained my heart (!! -- got that out of some book) or something, because for about three hours my chest ached and I felt as though I couldn't breathe properly, even though I was.  Also both hands felt as though they could not make fists, you know?

So that took some of the oomph out of my morning, and then about noon, when I was finally feeling like I could move around without, you know, dropping dead or anything, I started trying to put the bed together.  And now it is 7:30 PEE EMM, and it is STILL NOT PUT TOGETHER.


I finally quit and came over to the T&P, where I am now, and drank two pints of sweet cider rapidly to try and soothe my mind as well as my thirst.  And I have tomorrow to get the #$%@ bed together, so that's okay.  I will go to a hardware store first thing to get some bolts (they were not provided -- and the ones that I have are all either too big or too small, dang nab it.) and some of those bed-raiser thingies.  I will also sit down with sharp knife and see if I can't make the tabs fit the slots I will also call and order delivery of a new mattress and box spring set. I just have a hard time believing that this bed was put together and used for years, which is what I was told.  That cannot be true.  Sigh.  I don't like being lied to.

And I will have to sleep on the fold-put couch tonight!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Three Umbrellas

When I woke up this morning, the heat was on.  It hasn't been on so far this autumn, and I knew as soon as I woke, and heard the low purring sound.  It made getting up a delight, instead of a thing that only grown-ups do, and I guess I'm a grown-up, so here goes.  To step into the softly blowing warmth -- weaving around my bare ankles, instead of the chill of the early morning -- lovely!
It's a beautiful day, too -- a thickly overcast, dull white sky, faintly glowing overall, without anything by which you could locate the sun, turn your head though you might.  Raining steadily but softly, plicketty-plicketty, in a way that you might think was negligible, but would soon soak you through.  Glad I always carry an umbrella!  In fact, there are three in the car right now, since I left the giant emergency umbrella in the back seat, and brought my everyday Klimt, as well as the small rollup stuffed in the side pocket of my carry bag.  So I am ready

Friday, October 16, 2015

A small nap

So I've been doing a lot of house-cleaning lately -- since two of my sisters are spending nights with me this month.  I got my closet all straightened up and stacked tidily and squarely, instead of trying to balance yet more stuff on top of slippery mounds of belongings -- and thus was able to put quite a lot of things that were untidying my bedroom away on the two shelves of storage space that his apartment affords me.  

The house was slowly moving towards complete cleanliness, as (for once in my life) I was vacuuming, washing dishes, folding towels and dusting cabinets in my off-time moments, instead of slumping in a chair with a book.  Sister Sarah and her third-of-nine son Elliott were due on Thursday evening, but the house work was done enough that I agreed to meet Doug for lunch on Wednesday, and spend several hours hanging out with him as he smoked a Lovely Cigar after.  I then returned to the fray.  And had only to change the bedclothes on Thursday morning, when I climbed into bed quite early on Wednesday night.

It was about eleven-thirty Wednesday night when the phone rang.  I had been asleep for a couple hours, and was fairly far down.  It was my dad, and he told me that Sarah and Elliott were at the Portland airport at that very moment, and had been there since nine-thirty, waiting for me to pick them up.  I said, stupidly, still mostly asleep, "No, that's not true."  !!

So I raced into clothes and zoomed off to the airport, which is fortunately only about fifteen minutes away, and got them.  They were very tired, poor dears, after all the flying they had done, and then the waiting -- I got them home and fed and tucked up in bed as soon as possible.  But since I had arranged to have Friday off -- expecting them to arrive on Thursday, you see -- I had to work the next day, and so they had the day on their own in Northwest Portland. 

When I got home we bundled into the car and chugged up here to the Retirement Home, where Mom and Dad were extra glad to see our arrival.  Dad has taken them out to the beach this morning, and I sit in my favorite chair with no socks on.  I think a small nap is in order!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The so-you-can-sleep medicine!

Once again enjoying the peace and comfort of the Retirement Home!  My mom is puttering in the kitchen and my dad is puttering in the library/sewing room/staging ground.  I'm in my favorite chair in the living room, instead of sitting up in bed, but otherwise, the cup of tea is steaming at my elbow, and I'm feeling very relaxed.

It's a lovely grey and overcast day, constantly nudging you in the side and whispering, "Rain!" but never quite raining. 

I am suffering from some sort of allergenic head cold.  I had thought it was just allergies getting to me, but it has lasted too long, and progressed too far.  As a result of this, I took a couple of Nyquil capsules when I went to bed last night, and I would like to stand up and attest to their soporific properties.  I slept perfectly soundly, until my phone rang its six-thirty alarm, without a twitch.  I then got up and staggered to the bathroom, and was extremely surprised to see an unfamiliar woman sleeping on the living room couch.  I went in to the bathroom and peed thoughtfully, and when I came out I stood and looked at the woman for a minute, to make sure that she was there.  And after I returned to bed, I got up again and went out to look.  Yup.  Still there, still asleep, and still totally unknown.

Turns out that my parents' meth-head neighbor had had one of his noisy, shrieking, furniture- breaking fits, and had thrown his wife (girlfriend?) and their small daughter (eight?) out, and all their belongings after them, splintering the breakable ones all over the street.  My dad had gone out to investigate, and found the woman and girl silently picking up clothes and shoes and books and toys, and hiding them in the shrubbery, preparatory to walking in to town and waking up a friend.  My dad brought them in and my mother put them to sleep on the couches in the living room.

And I had slept like a puss-cat through it all!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's Fall!

Gorgeous day!  Thick white cloud cover, quite low in the sky -- Big Pink disappears into it completely, well below its top floors.  There's a definite nip in the air -- time to start thinking about wearing my jacket when I leave the house!

So yesterday I started working on my costume for our yearly murder mystery Halloween party!  I'm a circus muscle man, (Death in the Big Top!) so I started out by spray painting two large styrofoam balls black, to make them into a fake barbell.  It took quite a while, since the paint kept running into all the tiny holes on the surface of the styrofoam, and I kept having to leave the house to catch some air and let my head stop swimming.  I painted the dowel that goes between them, as well.  Tonight when I get home from work, I think I will try blocking out the white letters on either end, saying 100 lbs.  Or maybe 500 lbs, since this is a costume party -- I can claim as many pounds as I want!  Didn't the world's strongest man set a record with 1,155 pounds?  So maybe even 1,000 pounds!    We'll see how well the numbers lay out over the curve of the ball.

Good news from my mom last night -- my sister Sarah is coming for a visit!  All the way up from Mexico, on a plane!  And not with all of her family in tow, just one son is accompanying her.  I'm feeling very happy about this, since it seems that she will relax so much more without having to run interference between her children, and feed them and make them behave, and all the caregiving things she would have to do were they all with her.  And she is staying for two weeks!  Two whole weeks of rest and peace and the sound of the ocean at Mom and Dad's.

Wow -- just raised my head and looked out the window at a young man taking a large hit off his pot pipe.  I know this became legal today, but it still gave me a shock to see.  I should accustom myself to this sight, shouldn't I?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Only in Portland

Here's a funny story for you.  This past Friday, I was late getting home with the food box, it was about 8:30 or so when I came off the bridge.  As I parked the car down the road a bit from the apartment house, I could hear voices, raised in argumentative merriment, from the yard, which made me smile as I heard them.  I figured it would be some combination of Linda, Russ, Janell, and Lynn.

Dusk was deepening into dark when I opened the gate with my first load of pineapple juice, plain yogurt and apples.  The gazebo seemed much more lit than usual, quite suffused with gold as I glanced up at it, looking for one of the familiar faces.  Four people, three male and one female, all young, no one familiar.  Two of the guys were wearing ball caps and had their backs to me, so I couldn't tell for certain that I didn't know them, but I certainly did not know the young woman or the young man facing me.  I took one hand from the bag and waved, and the young woman stopped talking and stared, quite rudely, it seemed to me, and then turned away and kept talking.  She had golden hair, thick and wavy, swirling around her face and bouncing over her shoulders.  She was definitely the center of attention, and she was being quite loud.  Well.  They all were.

They were still at it when I went back out, and when I came back in.  I had decided by this time that they must be friends of the new young couple upstairs, Hannah and Whatever-His-Name-Is -- since I have at least seen most of the friends (the ones who visit, anyway) of the other people who live here.  Plus they looked about the right age to be Hannah and Whosit's friends.  And I couldn't tell if one if the two with their backs to me might not be Whats-His-Name, since, like I said.  Ball caps.  Backs to me.

However!  This afternoon, I heard from Linda that on Friday evening, four complete strangers, fairly drunk, apparently, since one of them puked in the yard, had brought their six-packs, and their food-from-Food-Front-containers into our yard, and had settled themselves in the gazebo.  They had found the extra string of lights which Linda had stored in the bench box, and had plugged them in, and strung them up, hence the extra gold of the scenery.  They had stayed there long enough to eat their food, drink their beers, and puke, and then had trooped off, leaving all of their detritus behind them, just before Linda went out to see what was what, at about nine-thirty.

So where else on earth would strangers come in to your yard to eat and drink and argue with one another, and then decorate the place while they were there?  Only in Portland.