Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Definitely, back to the Northwest

I am right at the perfect middle distance between sneezing and itching and sniffling like crazy, and dropping dead asleep. I took my antihistamines about an hour ago. And right now, with the exception of a very small headache -- or at least a feeling of pressure inside my head -- I feel fine. Long may it wave!

I went to see "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" last night at Cinema 21 -- and it was GREAT. I really enjoyed it. It was filmed, if not on location, at least on some location that looked a great deal like where it was supposed to be. And since it had been filmed in Swedish, and then sub-titled, the translation problem was completely gone. None of that sort of separation from the action, that the first book had in its prose.

I'm a little over halfway through the second book, by the way, and enjoying the hell out of it.
(Query: should one not use abbreviations when not in need of brevity? Why abbreviate something, unless it is either difficult to say in long form, or there isn't enough room to write it out? Right? So no need to write BTW up there!)

I also enjoyed just leaving the office without calling home first and letting Joe know, I enjoyed the drive over to Northwest, and through the entirely new and foreign Pearl District, I enjoyed hanging out briefly at the Lovejoy Starbucks (hey! the Gypsy is closed on Monday! That should keep me from going to Cinema 21 on Monday ever again!) and I really enjoyed walking through my old neighborhood. I LOVE those houses. If I am ever moving again, which god forbid, I am definitely moving back to Northwest.

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