Thursday, April 29, 2010

No one is getting called back

So tell me -- if you were feeling so panic stricken about getting a document signed by your supervisor, that you sent his secretary four e-mails in the space of five minutes, then wouldn't you want to allow him or her to get back in touch with you? Wouldn't you, for example, stay by your computer in case she "replied" to your e-mail? Or perhaps, if you absolutely had to leave the house, wouldn't you take your cell phone with you? And turn it on?

Yes, you would, you say? Ah, well, then you would NOT be Nameless Agent.

But then, I know Nameless Agent -- I know that she is scatty and dingy and nutty and always just on the verge of leaving her head behind somewhere. Which is why I left her a quick e-mail and then a voicemail, when I saw that Doug had also left her a voicemail, and neither of us were getting a call back.

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