Monday, June 28, 2010

Isaac! Isaac! Isaac!


I am at the office now, and am sitting in silent AMAZEMENT at the carry-on going on in the small conference room. Nameless Agent is in there with a small family -- mom and dad and one small boy. You know how very thin all the walls and doors are here in this building, and how I can hear every single thing that anyone says in their rooms with the doors closed, right?

So I'm hearing the adults' conversation, which is going on without interruption, and then I can hear all the interruption which is not interrupting! All of it! Thumping, yelling, squealing, shrieking, laughing, CRASHING against the wall which vibrates the whole building -- and none of it is even slowing the adults, who are all three talking more or less at once. And then I hear Mom saying, "Isaac! Isaac! Isaac! Isaac! Isaac! Isaac!..." and so on, finally culminating in a shriek and a Mom-yell, "STOP IT!"

And then, 'Sorry, he just bit me."

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