Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And today is class day!

It is only nine-thirty in the morning, and already this day is shot! Crumple it up and throw it away and give us a new one out of the box! Nice and fresh and clean. Sigh...

See, here's how it happened. This morning, as I was wrapping up my early-morning housecleaning, I made a second cup of coffee to carry to work with me in my thermos cup. And slipped it into my shoulder bag, instead of carrying it in my hand, because I had a lot of other stuff to carry downstairs to the parking lot. A bag of throwaway food (which was REALLY REALLY heavy)and a stack of three boxes, all too large and too close to the same size to slip inside one another, so it was a stack of boxes. Empty, so quite light, but awkward, and requiring both hands. And I had my purse, and my shoulder bag, and the bag containing my lunch foods, as well as the bag of throwaway food (really really heavy!)

However, I made it down the stairs, made it to the Dumpster and got the bag in, made it to the trunk of the car, and got the boxes in, and then sat in the front seat and swung the three bags I was wearing into the opposite seat. AHA! Yes, that was my mistake.

Because my shoulder bag contained a library book, in fact, a brand new library book, just published last month, and the book which I am currently doing a read on, for Small Demons. And the corner of this book, stiff and sharp, poked the little pop-down button which opens the thermos coffee cup, full of steaming hot coffee. It didn't spill all over the car seat, because of the position it was wedged in, but when I got to the office, and set the bags on the seat of my chair while making coffee and emptying wastebaskets, it was glug-glugging out into the shoulder bag, all over the brand new library book, and soaking through the bottom of the bag and into the SEAT OF MY CHAIR.

So, I came back into my office area and set the bags on the floor and sat down in my chair, and reached into the shoulder bag for the coffee. I realized it was open and nearly empty, drew out the book, saw that it was ruined (at least for a library book)and then began to feel hot and wet in the seat of my pants. ARG!!!

And today is class day!

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