Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday, Rainy Sunday

Man alive, what is UP with this rain? Yesterday was a warm and sunny day, still air, heavy warmth -- everyone sighing with relief and laughing to think that the rain was finally over and we were going to have summer at last. And then in the night, it started up again, and now, at 8:28 on Sunday morning, it is POURING. Thundering down like it was on deadline.

Beautiful, though, I have to say -- far prettier than a sunny day would be.

And the birds have discovered my feeder! At least one blue jay and one junco and one sparrow have! They are making a bit of a mess with the seed spillage, but hey, I can sweep that up.

So, my plan for today is to go and vacuum the office, and empty the garbage cans, and dust the desks and shelves and clean the bathrooms and the kitchen. Then I will get the Sunday paper and look at the coupons, and if there are any for anything I need, I will swing by FM and get them. And I expect to get a call from Kevin sometime today, wanting a driver for a similar shopping trip of his own. Was expecting one yesterday, but it never came.

And before I do any of these things, I will need to trim my hair, get dressed, and fill the car with gas.

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