Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yes, it is!

Went to the library this fine warm Saturday, and as I walked in, I saw a mother and her young daughter standing at the counter. The small girl -- probably four, to judge by her shape and size -- was saying seriously to the librarian, "Hello. What's your name?" The librarian answered in a sweetsy, talking-to-little-children voice, "HelLO there! My name is Marie! What's YOUR name?" The little girl said, "My name is Angelina," and the librarian laughed pointlessly and said, "Wow, AngelEEna!" The little girl turned her face to me and said, "Hello, do you know what my name is?" I said, "I'm betting it's Angelina," and all the women behind the counter burst out laughing and squealing, almost drowning out the little girl's serious voice, "Yes, it is."

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