Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So what is up with that?

Yesterday morning, at just about this time, a firetruck screamed past, turning on 99th. And this morning, seconds ago, a firetruck screamed past on 99th. So what is up with that? Is this a locality for fires? For fire-starters? Or for other emergencies that the firemen are just responding to because they can and they wanna?

Another grey and lovely morning -- different this morning because Joe was awake when I got up, and claimed to have been awake all night. Since I saw him still up at three-thirty this morning, I don't doubt it. He showered and dressed, and complained about it, and I drove him over to Hannah's, on my way to work. He wants me to find him a doctor and make him an appointment, because he needs sleeping pills and mood-altering pills and anger-controlling pills. He does seem to feel that he is at the mercy of this huge thing, ANGER, that he is like the Hulk, it takes him over and he can't do anything about it, and so if I don't want him to kill people, I had better snap to. I have reminded him of the doctor's appointments that he blew off, and the doctor that he stopped going to for no reason other than it was just a drag to go -- and he acknowledges that, but says that this is different because he wants to go to see this doctor. Sigh.

Yesterday, a young man carrying a box from a print shop came in to the office and gave me a handful of menus from a new Mexican cafe opening up just a block away or so. He wasn't a definitely-obviously Hispanic young man, but an oh-I-see-he's-Hispanic. And the restaurant is called -- I kid you not -- McKlovios. McKlovios Mexican Grill and Tacqueria. So what is up with that?

Oh, and Mickey's grandmother died yesterday morning. Inevitable but still sad. Sad for Mickey and Nick and Uncle Ken, I mean. I was expecting (in so much as I was expecting anything) her to live for far longer and gradually lose her marbles, instead of dying suddenly with everything still working. She was 87 when she died -- she had seen a lot of things get invented, whole ways of life cease to be, all kinds of massive changes happening. Grandpa Vickoren was 95, and I used to ponder on what that meant, on what sort of life he had had. Horse and wagon to model-T to family cars to small planes to corporate jets to stealth bombers to rocket ships to space stations. All in his lifetime.

I have just learned how to use a website that allows virtual house-for-sale advertisements to be sent to someone's cell phone (speaking of amazing changes)by them texting a number. So you're driving along and you see a house for sale and think, "Oooh, that looks cool," and you text the number on the sign and blooop! You can look at forty photos of the house, immediately, and see how much it costs, where the nearest schools are, and what grocery store nearby sells organic coffee. All without even turning off your engine, or coming to a complete stop.

Remarkable! Cuz here I am remarking on it!

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