Sunday, June 27, 2010

And it works for me!

It is a lovely, a beautiful, a fabulous day out there! I woke this morning, alone in my apartment, with the knowledge that the laundry was not only done, but folded and PUT AWAY -- any of you readers out there in TV Land who know me, know what a big deal that last is for me -- to the sound of rippling water and the occasional sleepy chirp of birds. I showered, dressed and walked over to Sully's -- how I do love that sweet little restaurant! -- and drank three cups of that excellent, rich and furry coffee with my half-an-omelet while reading the Sunday Oregonian. In the "O!" section, I found a lengthy article on local writers, which included Monica Drake, an acquaintance of mine, my cousin Mickey's lifelong friend, along with other famous writers -- pretty darn cool! Always gratifying to see someone you know and admire getting the recognition and the praise!

And then in the travel section, the front page article was all about the Cowboy Dinner Tree -- remember that place? The last sign of human life before we reached the camping place? Down near Silver Lake -- closer to the town than to the camp site.

Anyway, so the paper was created for me today (for me, for ME-E-EE, FOR MEEEEE! Been listening to Queen!) and I enjoyed that. As I walked back home I swung down to walk down the main street through town, looking in all the windows -- the empty ones as well as the occupied ones. It was completely deserted and nearly silent -- distant sounds of traffic, but none within blocks -- no people or dogs or even birds. And then as I crossed a street, I heard muted voices up ahead and saw people setting up their booths for the Farmer's Market. Mmm -- that will be nice, in about an hour, when I have digested some of my breakfast. See if there are ANY fresh vegetables that appeal to me -- and maybe buy some expensive but very real fruit!

Gotta bake a pie today -- should oughta do it now, before it gets too warm -- the blueberries are sitting on the counter and ready to go.

I'm not even slightly migraine-y and have that extra-special good feeling that follows a time of illness -- the everyday beauty of the world takes on a slightly fairy-tale quality. Or a movie-set quality -- anyway, posed and created to give the watcher/reader/audience a certain feeling. Beauty! Happiness! Joy! All potentially right here in this little town, folks! Why just step on in to the old-fashioned soda fountain, and see if our home-made lime ricky can't widen your smile!

Works for me!

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