Friday, June 4, 2010

No lights does not equal no brakes

On my way in to work this morning, I was following a small Toyota pickup, with a camper on the back. We were on Hwy 224, everyone doing about 50, when for some reason, the whole herd braked abruptly, and slowed to under twenty in a moment. In the wet grey smother of spray from the tires, rain from the heavens and low-hanging fog, the flashes of red were very brilliant. But not my little Toyota buddy! He managed to slow to half his speed wihtout even touching the brakes! Not a single red flash! I was thinking admiringly about downshifting, and how I know nothing whatever about that, and stories people have told me about how dramatically they can bring a stick-shift car close to a stop with just the stick -- and, as I mentioned before, how completely ignorant of that ability I am. And then I realized that we had come to a complete stop, and still no brake lights -- and then I realized that my little Toyota buddy just did not have his brake lights hooked up.

So what is up with this weather, man? Even rain-lovers such as myself are starting to wonder. I'm still quite cheerful about it, personally -- I love the sound it makes, I love falling asleep to the drumming on the roof, or the rustling rattle in the branches outside the window -- but there is the possibility of the ground getting too soft to support things! Trees are already falling like crazy along Hwy 26! So then, what if my house starts slipping into the pond below?

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