Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Need more teeny-tiny men

It is funny -- not funny ha-ha, but funny-hmmm -- to look at the effect wind and the movement of air has on clouds, and see how similar it is to the effect that water has on sand. As I was driving in to work this morning, I was looking up at a large thin expanse of white, a thin, flat stretch of clouds, that looked very like a carded and stretched thin bit of cotton -- had the raggedy edges, but also had the design on its surface -- sort of a repeating deep narrow "V' design. Just like the sand would look when I took my morning walk down in Cannon Beach.

So what would that say to someone who was looking to apply some truths or extract some truths, or something, to (from) our physical world? Would it imply that water and air are related, are fundamentally the same? That because they act the same way upon the other entities they encounter, that this implies some similarity? Or would it just impy that they are both moving forces in our earth system, with the same outer forces working on both of them -- gravity, etc?

Clearly I am unable even to explain what I mean, because my knowledge of meteorological terminology is buried in some unused part of my brain. I can't spend long enough on this little blog entry to manage to get everything in the way of them moved in time! Need more teeny-tiny men in matching white suits with goggles....

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