Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Movie News

When I was a girl, I was not allowed to watch movies, and we did not have a television, so I grew up fairly ignorant of shows, actors' names, movies and so on. The very first movie I ever watched, the summer I was eighteen, was (of all things) Uncommon Valor, a movie about a man's son left behind in a prison camp in Vietnam. Not a good movie to be your first, I had to leave the room and throw up, and then shake and cry in the bathroom for awhile -- could not stand the suspense of the battle scene, or the deaths.

I don't know if people who have watched movies their whole life can even begin to understand this, but if you haven't watched them, you do not have any callous over your feelings, no understanding of the distance between you and the screen, and certainly no understanding of all the people standing around holding clipboards and talking on telephones as it is being shot. I used to comfort Joe, when he was small enough to frightened by scenes, by saying, "Right there beyond the edge of the screen, is a guy with a ponytail and a boom mike! And see where the main guy is looking? He's looking right at the man with the camera..." and it really worked.

Anyway. Back in those days, when I was first starting to see movies, I saw Footloose. It had been out for a year or so, but this was still early in its life -- about 1985 or so. It was very fun for me to see a movie about a Christian family who forbade things to their kids -- even to their whole town! -- right when I was starting to pull away from the whole Christian thing.

So I guess this movie is twenty-five/twenty-six years old. Which does not seem old enough to be eligible for a remake! But they are remaking it! As we speak! It will be released next year!

Lori Singer, who played Ariel in the original is going to be in it, too -- playing whom I don't know, but still in it!

Man -- I am getting old fast. Next thing you know, they are going to remake Night of the Living Dead! -- oh, wait. They already did!

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