Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring in Spite of the Snow

So this morning when I got up into my empty house (smiling upon realizing, as I do every morning when the house is empty -- what kind of a mother does that make me?) and went into the kitchen to make my morning coffee, I looked out the window into a perfectly well-lit view. No shadows, no lingering hints of darkness anywhere. The earth has tilted just enough on its axis for the sun to pass over this particular spot about an hour or so earlier than when I first moved in. Spring is really coming, and this in spite of the recent snow. Now the water is sparkling with the morning light on the ripples, caused by the splashing of many ducks and geese, taking their morning baths and showing off to one another.

I do love this kitchen window -- it does improve even the task of washing my son's dishes. Which, you must understand, are always left half full, and then hidden in the computer room, so that an easy wash becomes a muttering, splashing struggle.

He is doing better, though -- his tantrums are less lengthy, and this last one was superseded by a complete understanding of who was really at fault and how entirely this was true.

But I am still SO MUCH happier in the apartment when I am alone in it! Or, I should say, when he is not in it with me. This gives me an even greater enjoyment of its beauty and appointments -- not unlike the old Aesop's Fable of the family in the tiny house with all their animals inside with them. When they are all out, the house is huge and luxurious -- so my lovely little isle of peace and plenty is even more beautiful when the only noise in it is made by me!

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