Thursday, March 18, 2010


Okay, here's the scoop.

Last night I stopped at the Salvation Army on my way home from work. I was kind of cross, since Joe had asked me to pick him up at Nick's on my way home, and I had tried to, but he had then gone to sleep and hadn't come to the door. Even though I had warned him specifically about this, when I called as I was leaving the office to say I would be there in fifteen minutes! So I stood there ringing the bell repeatedly, all to no avail. ARGH!


So. I had stopped at Salvation Army, and was tooling around my usual sites within its doors -- glass and china, picture frames, books and sweaters. I found a piece or two of china and a little box of small spools of thread of many colors. And then I found a sweater set -- a truly beautiful one, the color of golden brown sugar, with long cable diamonds running down the front. A two-piece set, and they wanted to charge me for each piece separately, so the set cost almost fifteen dollars, but still -- I will get many many days of wear from this set, and it's even a little too big for me, and so very pretty! So, in my estimation, completely worth it.


When I got home, I was laying the set out to look at it and gloat over it. And, as I spread the cardigan out on the bed, something sparkling caught my eye as it rolled out onto the quilt. And guess what it was?

It was a diamond ring.

Perhaps not real diamonds, it could be cubic zirconia -- feels fairly light for the size of it -- and that's another thing about it -- it's also slightly too big for me! So I'm wearing it on the second finger of my hand, not even the ring finger.

But there it was! In the pocket of a sweater that I bought at the SALVATION ARMY!


I mean, it's like a stupid scene in a poorly-written movie, too good to be true in several different directions at once!

Ten smallish diamonds, in a gentle curve, in a gold-tone setting. Really just as beautiful as my wedding ring was.

But not my wedding ring! A very pretty ring, and TOTALLY FREE!

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