Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Love Dean Martin

9:09 in the morning, and I'm sitting drinking good coffee and listening to Dean singing that everybody loves somebody sometimes. Even though this is such an overplayed number that even the few opening notes causes an automatic lurch of disgust, it's actually a pretty good song if you actually listen. Anyway, its Dino, for crying out loud. I mean.

Because I read in someone else's blog about a ruptured appendix and weeks of hospitalization with all kinds of horrific complications make me remember my own case with amazed gratitude combined with horror. You know? I mean it ruptured at least ten years before I had it taken out -- remember that weekend that Beth Ann came and brought her little entourage to sleep on my floor? Yeah, that's right -- but apparently only enough to leak a slow drip of poison into my system -- enough to make me sick every morning upon arising, and give me an enormous build-up of scar tissue. Remember the doctor? "About as big as a Campbell's soup can and a half," holding his hands out in a bulging kidney shape. Shaking his head in amazement.

Pause while I listen to that man sing.... mmmm.

I do love the effortless way the music just pours out of him -- he opens his mouth and it slips right out with no push. As high and as low as he wants, hitting the notes when he wants to and wandering around in their general vicinity when he wants to, and hitting all the decorative little grace notes without the slightest error.. and also so funny and so handsome and such a great actor ! I mean it's not surprising that he turned into a human version of a greek god. It would have been surprising if he had just been a humble, ordinary man who married once and had several kids and was a good dad.

Okay, mild little indulgence in worship over.

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