Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Already

Yes, it is -- a grey, chilly day, drenched in rain, and spray, and other manifestations of water. They are predicting a sunny Sunday, however. Which would be a very good day to go and visit my parental units. I should call them and see if they are going to be home.

"...besame, besame mucho..." I do like this song. It's funny to translate it and see how it loses its flavor! "Kiss me, kiss me a lot..." Not much there!

So when I come in to the office and find a snotty little note written by a person of obviously limited intelligence, what would be the very best sort of response? My response was to laugh, but what would be the very best, for everyone involved?

The note, which is from Nameless Agent, of course, says (and I quote) "Please add legal size paper to the machine, I almost never come to the office, and when I come the machine has no paper!"

There really isn't a best answer to that, is there? Because what Nameless Agent needs from it (obscure, I'm afraid) is not going to be compatible with what I need -- to laugh and shake my head, and not allow myself to be even mildly annoyed with her wooly thinking. Since, come on -- the number of times she is in the office has nothing to do with whether or not there is paper in the printer -- nor does it add even slightly to the distress-level of the absence of legal-sized paper. But obviously to her it does!

I've taped it to the wall of my desk, and I grin every time I look up and see it.

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