Sunday, March 21, 2010

A delicate silver rain

Sitting in Sully's, in the warm and comfortable space, sipping their extra good dark coffee and smelling french toast and maple syrup. Mmmmmmm -- I took my "morning walk" this morning, (calling it that to convince myself to take it every morning) and as I passed one of several houses with a daphne odora bush, I paused to control my swooning as the unbelievable aroma wafted around me. Then I snipped off a cluster of the heavenly-scented flowers and dropped them into my cleavage. Whence, every so often, I get a heated scent of the gods. It is SUCH an aroma! I do believe it is my favorite smell on earth. Yes, better than midnight honeysuckle; yes, better than baking apple pie.

I do love this place, but I have found, in my walking, that there are several other small and unprotruberant restaurants in my neighborhood. One at least that I had not ever noticed before -- some sort of bar and grill, on Main, I think. They do serve breakfast, so that makes three breakfast places all within easy walking! PRET-ty cool. Until I try the As-Yet-Unnamed-Place, though, Sully's is still the best!

The walking that I've been doing -- so far just on weekends, since I'm leaving for work more than an hour early these days, but that won't be for very long -- doesn't tire my body out the way I was expecting it to do. It just tires my calves, which really do hurt (BING! lightbulb just went on re: charleyhorses!) and makes me very thirsty. I don't remember getting thirsty in my walks on the beach. But that could also be because the air there is so very full of moisture. 'Course, here I'm walking beside a river, so... But I guess an ocean, with the constant moving of the water, would dispell a lot more into the air. Anyway, whatever. Perhaps the calves thing is just that I'm fatter and heavier, and in much worse shape.

Well, Joe. The whole Joe thing is getting both easier and harder to bear. Easier because he really is a good boy, a wanting-to-please boy, (underneath, WAY underneath!) and because I know he will be leaving soon. And harder because he is just such a little shithead! And because I know he is leaving soon!

He and Nick came home one night -- Joe called and got permission to bring Nick home to spend the night for some reason, can't remember why, but anyway -- they were both drunk and stoned when they got here, and woke up and got stoned again. And then went somewhere. So when I got home from work, I found my sweet little apartment, tidy and welcoming as it always is when I come home to it, nearly unrecognizable. They had stolen one of the goose eggs from the nest and then left it out on the deck, had dropped several cigarette butts out there, had thrown the pillows from the couch on the floor, and the stack of bills from the table on the floor, and had mashed a banana into the mouth of the little china hippo, and turned the Headless Nude upside down and leaned her against the wall, had pushed my reading books off the ottoman and pulled several records out of the stacks and CDs from the drawer, had made macaroni and cheese and eaten some of from my special black-and-white teacup, but left several bites and a fork still in it, and several servings still in the pot. They had also eaten several frozen yogurts and a couple of frozen cheeseburgers, cuz the wrappers were all on the counter and floor in the kitchen. The salt shaker was taped to the top of a cardboard box which was lying on the table. It just didn't seem possible that they could have done all this ridiculous mischief and then forgotten it so completely as to leave the house with it all still there.

AND! Joe called me the other night, and asked if I had found his wallet, whcih he had left in the car. I said yes. He then asked me to bring it to him, along with ten dollars. (This is the day after he had admitted to me that he had spent an additional $20 of my money that I had told him to leave on the table for me.) I asked him what he needed this additional money for, and he said promptly, "I'm going to buy alcohol with it." I said, "No." He replied in a very no-nonsense voice, "And why not?" I said, "Joe, are you drunk right now?" And he hung up.

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