Monday, March 8, 2010

And the Oscar Goes to...

Watched the Academy Awards show last night with Mickey and Cynthia and Katie. It was enjoyable, but not exciting, and I wasn't wowed or horrified or any kind of impressed with what anyone was wearing. Nobody was wearing any kind of gorgeous outfit, male or female, nor was anyone doing anything Bjorn-like and wearing a dead bird wrapped around them. So no good clothes sniping. Which was kind of the point of watching, for me at least, since this year I hadn't seen any of the movies! Wow -- what an amazing thing to say, for grown-up me. I used to watch a minimum of a movie a week! Sometimes more like three! But now, sigh, I'm just not in a place to do it. However! I'm looking for that to change. In just a few months my finances will be completely settled, and I will have smaller bills (much smaller!) and be able to afford a movie ticket once a week!

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