Friday, March 12, 2010

Big Ol' Goose Egg

Joe called me at work today. Quite excited.

"Guess what, Mom!"

"Well, what?'

"I went out on our balcony to shake the mud out of my clothes so I could wash 'em, you know? And one of the geese ATTACKED me!"

Me: (skeptical) "Really? Attacked you?"

Joe: "Yup! And you wanna know why?"

Me: "Oh, yes, I'm dying to know why!"

Joe: "Because there's an EGG!"


Joe: "An EGG! An enormous one! An enormous egg, just sitting there on the roof of the patio below our deck! Just sitting there!"

And there is. The mother goose was sitting on it when I got home, so all I saw was her smooth back and lovely feathers as she craned her neck around to look warningly and threateningly at us.

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