Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sometimes Fifteen a Day: Or, the Generation Gap

Well, Nameless Agent strikes again, but this time it's an agent that I really like! And I feel slightly guilty for posting this post about him, but it's too good to pass up. I think, anyway. And anyway, he is far too elderly and unaware to find this and read it. Not that he isn't an intelligent human, he is, and knows his job. It's just that the whole technological world has pretty much passed him by.


This past Saturday, I am at the Second Saturday class, and during the break, Nameless Agent comes up to me. We exchange greetings, and then he says, in an undertone, with his hand on my elbow, as though this is a private matter, which he is asking me as a special favor:

Nameless Agent: "When you send out these e-mails, you know, with things like class schedules, would it be too much to ask for you to put (Name of Company Being Withheld By Request) on them?"

Me: You mean in the subject line?

Nameless: "...well, on them where I can see it?"

Me: "...Sure, no problem. I'd be glad to."

NA: "Because it's just too hard for me to tell, with my eyesight, and all, which e-mails are important. I just delete them all, unless I can see that they are actually to me. I mean, you know," and here he lowers his voice even more to make sure I get this, "sometimes I get fifteen messages A DAY."

! ! ! !

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