Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Morning (and I'll be fine...)

Sunday morning, not yet nine, and the quiet is still reigning over all this part of the world. The loudest thing anywhere is the sound of the clock ticking on the wall above me. Wait, let me listen -- yup, that's it. No traffic, no distant voices, no babies or dogs, not even any ducks or geese, although they did have a loud party earlier.

I am feeling very happy this morning -- I have the day off, of course, and some small plans for using it -- some small shopping things that I need to do, and some errands to perform, like the library and so on -- but for the most part, it is a Free Day (as witness my pajamas) and no time limits or scheduled events. Ahhh...

Today is the 3oth of January, and the camellias are blooming! Blooming away as though the sun were shining! Hooray for the never-ending cycle of nature; at least that doesn't change!

And the house is mostly clean, so no niggling back-of-the-mind anxiety about getting it so -- I do need to clean up the kitchen, but the dining room table is empty of anything except a bowl of tangelos (
gorgeous color of orange they are, too!) and the office where I currently sit is completely clean, as well, no piles here and there around the edges.

And, last night before bed, I put the last painted ceramic drawer-knob on the front of my bathroom cabinet. I had painted the doors and drawer fronts with some blue paint that I was able to mix from some leftovers of my dad's, to be the perfect shade of robin's-egg blue. Matches the sink and bathtub perfectly. And the ceramic knobs, each painted with a pink rose, are so much better looking, now, than they would have been on the plain off-white rental-unit paint which was on these doors and drawer fronts before. AND better-looking than the round silver knobs that were on them! And to think that I found them in a plastic baggie, for sale at the Salvation Army for 99 cents, and thus started the whole process of thought and deed!

Yesterday I also bought at the Sally Army, a very battered and wrinkled and out-of-shape box with a plastic pot and some compressed dirt and an amaryllis bulb in it. I had put it back on the shelf, thinking it would certainly not grow at all, after who-knew-how-long in this cardboard box. But then I thought, what the hell! It's only 99 cents! And bought it. I soaked the disc of compressed dirt in water, as you are supposed to do, and planted the bulb, and set it on top of the low bookcase in the dining room. And today, there is a pale tip of a leaf showing. Less than 24 hours later. I am delighted! It is supposed to be one of the vivid scarlet (or crimson -- I can never remember which of these color names represents the shade of red this flower is supposed to be) amaryllis flowers, and I look forward extremely to seeing its bloom in my dining room!

Now, as for Joe, he is supposed to be coming to pick up his food box today, some time this evening. We shall see, since the past two weeks have passed without any sign of him. If this food box does not get picked up or received, then I think I am going to have to decide that he can feed himself without help from me. His new room-mate is apparently doing his share of the support. Joe is still in college, still attending classes, but I don't have any actual facts to share, so I'm just not going to attempt it! He is alive and full of big plans for himself and his future, so I am just determined to "be happy" about that.

Otherwise, my life continues to continue, and I am looking forward with longing to the spring. I'm sniffing the air for the smell of daphne!
And looking around for the tips of crocus bulbs. Even though I look out my window every day with pleasure at the view, I know I am going to be so much happier when there are leaves and birds and the smell of blossoms on the breeze! And when I can sit out on the deck and read my books, instead of on the more-comfortable leather furniture inside the house! Silly, no? But so human!

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