Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I want my sickbed clean!

Day Three of this migraine, and the first day that I have spent out of bed -- it wiped out the Sunday and Monday, and seriously screwed up my life-timing. Now I don't know whether to go straight to bed as soon as I get off work, or whether to go and take my yoga class and try to bluff my way out Of this. I think I will go straight home and go to bed. My house is still clean and quietly welcoming -- except the kitchen which is rather lived-in -- from Mickey's birthday visit on Saturday morning. I will tidy up the kitchen, and then it will be quietly shining again. I value that when ill, you know -- I value it at all times, but especially when ill -- when I cannot bear a mess and have to keep my eyes closed against it, if I have fallen ill in a messy house. I remember getting Ruthie up when she was migraining, and making her bed with some new pillowcases, and then brushing and braiding her hair, and putting her back to bed, and how she sighed with relief and pleasure. That's what I'm talking about -- that relief and pleasure.

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