Monday, January 3, 2011

Cold and Golden.

Noisy this morning -- the ducks were doing their Barking Dog imitation, sounding like nothing so much as several dogs barking at one another in a neighborhood -- first one and then another. And the constant flashes of white through the dark window let me know that they were also splashing down and swimming fast and making a lot of water noise as well. Getting good and warmed up, out there in the frigid, below-zero morning, sitting on the water. Of all cold places to be!

Driving in to work, the particulate level in the air was perfect for me to be able to look almost directly into the rising sun, without being blinded, or overwhelmed, and yet able to clearly distinguish it's round edges. Could see the outline of two-thirds of the sun, looking much like it does in a desert movie, when they are showing the flat landscape shimmering with golden heat, and the occasional giraffe lolloping past like a rocking horse. I expected to hear "The Circle of Life."

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