Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Like a Hole in the Head

"I need that like I need a hole in my head" -- I heard a woman use that extremely hackneyed phrase to another woman at the Salvation Army just a day or so ago. And the implication is that a hole in one's head is to be avoided, since it would be, at best, painful and messy, and at worst, fatal. I understand that.

But the hole which I currently have in MY head, is as welcome, (she said shamelessly) as the flowers that bloom in the Spring. Thank you, Mr. William Schwenk Gilbert. See, yesterday, with the miserably painful tooth that I was griping about in the previous post, I was driven to call the first dentist on the list of dentists which pulled up to the query "free emergency dental." Now, no one is both free and emergency, but this dentist was less expensive, would accept patients with no dental insurance, and could see me immediately! AND had nitrous oxide! And he and his staff were so very friendly and helpful and kindly -- it was a joy to be there, and took under an hour.

So THAT's what I mean, when I say or I sing/ as welcome as flowers that bloom in the Spring!

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