Saturday, January 1, 2011

Best wishes for a lovely New Year!

Saturday morning, and I've just finished a large piping hot bowl of oatmeal and raisins. Not the breakfast I was hungering for, but it was one for which I had the ingredients and which I felt able to eat, given my wretched tooth situation. With the sole remaining molar on the right having a crown that pops off without warning, and the enormous hole in the middle of the left-hand row of molars, any sort of chewing is going to be difficult and delicate at best. And since the hole on the left-hand side has begun swelling and throbbing and going off like a bottle-rocket whenever anything even slightly cold gets near it, the choices were even fewer. I did toy with the idea, several times this morning, of going over to Sully's and having a hot eggy-toasty breakfast with several cups of that exquisite coffee, but 1) I cannot afford it at all, and 2)it would be difficult to chew it up properly. And, 3) I doubt he is open on New Year's Day. In fact, if I remember correctly from last year, he will be closed for several days.

This is Day One of the New Year. It will be better for me than last because of the following reasons, which I will now proceed to relate.

1. I no longer have a teen-aged boy living with me. Oh, Hallelujah. And no, I don't get lonely.

2. I have a year-long membership to a yoga studio near work. So, if all goes well, I will be going there every day after work, for at least one class. And possibly more on week-ends.

3. My parents are available on weekends now, so I can make that trip whenever I like, and spend a night with them, where I will be welcomed and cosseted.

The first reason, may seem unkind to Joe. And to a certain extent it is. But he behaved better than many teen-aged boys do, in this world nowadays, and still I was counting the seconds for him to find a new home. You just do not want to spend any time sharing an apartment, or a small house, with a large, loud, smelly, clumsy, lazy (repeat) lazy lazy lazy teen-aged boy. I could never get in the shower without it instantly squirting me with frigid water, since he never put the lever down -- just turned off the water. Nor did he ever take the clothing he had been wearing when he went in, out with him when he left, so there was always a pair of smelly boxer shorts on the floor when I went in the bathroom. Every single day when I got home from work, every light in the house was on, whether Joe was at home or not. He never put his dishes in the dishwasher, nor the food he had been eating away. And these faults were not him trying to get across me -- they were just him behaving normally. So, as I said -- Hallelujah!

The outdoors is still very quiet, in spite of the past-noon face of the clock -- people are still sleeping off their New Year's celebration. Even the ducks were swimming quietly about in neat little diagonal lines when last I looked out. They also seem to know, cuz otherwise they would (likely) be splashing and quacking away like mad. My plans for the day include a hot shower and a book or two and some tea, but also the grocery store and bank and mailing some checks. Must pay the rent, and possibly a bill or two! It is Saturday, so I have another entire day tomorrow to devote to reading and drinking tea with an afghan across my legs (it is so very cold!) and it is a New Year! Got another whole one rolling out in front of me! Cheers!

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