Monday, January 10, 2011

No comfort in clutter

Today will be a gooooood day, I will not do anything dummmmmmb.

Who can identify that quote?

In any case, it has been a good day, and will probably continue to be, although it is pretty darn chilly, and I am still feeling uncertain in my interior region. By which I mean that I took a pain pill this morning, and I have been acutely nauseated all day, and eating crackers carefully and slowly to keep everything down. Now, this could be because I took too many yesterday, and was still feeling over-medicated this morning -- and that is the answer I would like it to be. Cuz I don't want to have suddenly developed vomiting as a side-effect of oxycodone. That would not be good, cuz then what would I do when I had a toothache? Or something like it?

While making coffee this morning in my spotlessly clean and welcoming little kitchen, I noticed that the patio area below had been swept clean of the thick matt of sodden rotting leaves which had covered it from end to end. Completely clean and quiet and looking very tidy and open. The couple of statues in the garden area are still there, and quite visible now, and the little still-lit Christmas tree shape was glowing valiantly. Quite lovely and unexpected. And since this morning was quite clear and cold, the air was un-blurred with cloud or fog, and that increased the quiet peaceful look of tidy togetherness. The ducks were busy, also, earnestly flapping and splashing and diving underwater. I do like tidiness -- it makes everything seem more welcoming, to me -- I'm never going to be one of those people who prefers a "comfortable mess" or the "welcoming clutter" of the "lived-in look." Even though I may frequently leave a mess somewhere, it always makes me uncomfortable. So you see the degree of my laziness, that I'm willing to be uncomfortable, rather than clean things up! Alas.

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