Sunday, May 30, 2010

Plus I get tomorrow off!

Sunday, Sunday -- a lovely day, delicately warm, and mildly sunny. I got up and went to the Salvation Army, after waiting patiently for it to get to be ten o'clock. Taking advantage of the half-price day, I spent $25 and got $50 worth of second-hand goods. Most of which cost 0.99, so you see. Oh, my goodness, I have just noticed for the very first time that there is no key with the "cents" sign on it, on my keyboard. Looking again ---hmmmm -- nope, nope, really not. Does this mean that I am supposed to go to the insert menu and insert a cents sign? Cuz there is the dollar sign, right there! But hey! I'm writing on my blog, so I'm online, and there isn't an insert menu on this silly site.

Anyway when I got home, Joe staggered out of the office in his underwear with his hair on end and mumble-yelled (parents of teen-aged boys who try to converse when they are not fully awake will know exactly what I mean by this verb) that Mickey was at Sully's with "the boys." So I walked over there and shared breakfast time with Calhoun and Bryson and chatted with Mickey.

Then I took Joe over to the storage locker to get the rest of his belongings out of it and dropped him off at Hannah's, and then came home.

And I would just like to mention that although I drank one of those tiny bottles of Five-Hour-Energy, I want nothing more than to go and take a nap! What a rip!

I do have that buzzy feeling in the corner of my eyes that I used to get when I took a caffeine tablet, though. So perhaps the sleepy feeling is just a feeling, and if I went and lay down, I would just lie there, with my eyes WIDE open. Let's pretend that is true, and then I can keep working around the house and act like I have tons of burnable energy, just simmering away! Dang nab it, though! I was looking forward to the feeling of being full of charging energy!

It is only two in the afternoon, however, and the rest of the day stretches out luxuriously before me! I might go see a movie!

Plus I get tomorrow off!

(Hmmm -- do you think the ungodly number of exclamation marks in this post are a result of the Energy drink?)

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