Friday, May 21, 2010

Mycroft, Schmycroft

Well, my ear infection is losing ground to the antibiotics. When I woke this morning, my ear was very nearly open -- kept popping in and out, and this evening it is entirely open. I can hear! I can hear! Hallelujah, I can hear! Still the occasional little icy-hot trickle of stabbing pain -- like a very thin needle.

However, my jaws still won't close. I can very nearly chew, though not with my rear molars, and my jaw is still vibrating rapidly. Touching my teeth together gets this very speedy jitter. That is strange, don't you think?

Today is Calhoun's birthday, and so we are going to see the Shrek movie tomorrow. I was planning on seeing it tonight, but I picked Kevin up from Fred Meyer, and he suggested it. Thus my being at home this rainy Friday evening.

Wow, just yawned widely without the slightest degree of pain, though a registration of feeling in the painful spots near my ear. If that makes sense to any of you.

I cannot work up the slightest degree of interest in finishing up the book work on the God of the Hive -- which, in your private ear, let me say was not among the best of Laurie King's novels. I didn't even particularly like it, although I did like the Woodsman. The bad guy was not frightening, the good guys were not compelling, and the mystery was not even interesting. Mycroft, Schmycroft. Who cares?

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