Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Will I Eat When I Get Home?

Oh, dear, it is to laugh.

Last night, as I washed out the large Tupperware bin that had held my bean-and-Polish-sausage soup, I thought, "I don't want to get up and make a sandwich tomorrow -- or, no! I'll get sushi for lunch!" And went happily to bed, and got happily up, and happily left the house, where my wallet was not in my purse, but was sitting on the desk beside the computer screen. So -- I have no cash, no bank card, no identification. I could not purchase anything from anybody. Ruling out sushi, hamburgers, clam chowder, or, really, anything else.

I get nothing for lunch!

Not that it will hurt me, although, as the clock hand inches toward one pm, my stomach is gearing up to begin complaining. I look forward to a couple hours of grumblings and carry-on.

So what will I eat when I get home...?

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