Friday, August 26, 2011

Wax on...

So -- if I were to wax my car with turtle wax in the little can -- you know what I mean -- would it be possible to remove/cover-up/lessen the look of some scratches in the paint? The liquid wax they spray on at the car wash does not seem to have any effect on these -- but then wax-on/wax-off wax does have some sort of mild abrasive in it, that should do something towards that, wouldn't you think? Commentary, anybody?

There was rain in the night, the edges of a small thunder-and-lightening indulgence (which I caused by asking for it! Really!) and my windshield was covered with small round drops of water, very round since they were touching as little of the waxed surface as they could manage (hot lava!) and when I began driving fast, they started flying up the windshield and off into the ether. Very pleasing to me, as I drove through the fresh cool morning, looking at the lavendar-backed clouds covering the sky...sigh! Happiness.

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