Saturday, August 27, 2011

Are any women missing?

There is definitely something about hot weather that affects my sleeping patterns. It's not even as hot as it was, but still, even with fans blowing on me, it's pretty warm. And although I turned off the light before eleven, and settled down to the book-on-tape with just a sheet over me, I still woke up, rolled over and turned the CD back on two times. And here it is quarter past six and I am up with a hot cup of coffee, typing away in the silent morning. The occasional squawk of a duck is the only sound there is. I'm going to want a nap later on, though.

The man next door is building a large, two level deck. It is an ambitious project, and one which he is trying to do well. I have watched him working on it for a few weeks now, and it is still only a frame, both because of its size, his onliness, and the fact that he keeps making it more --well, elaborate is a word which implies excess, so I don't mean that, although I guess it could be. I don't really know what is required for the floor of a deck, but this is as carefully criss-crossed and squared up as if it were the floor of a house.

Today I need to mail a book or two, wash the dishes and take a walk. Those are the only things I need to do today. Wow. And last night I finished the good (great! excellent!) book I was reading, so that will not be pulling at me, either. Although I did promise myself a re-read of certain parts. I love you, Lev Grossman! So a trip to the library is indicated as well.

Hey, last night I was in the office after hours, since I had had to stay past five (if I have to stay past five, I wait until after six to leave, cuz otherwise, traffic). Doug had gone home, and so had all the agents, and I was just playing some computer game or something, when Nameless Agent came in. He has always looked slightly disreputable to me, since he is untidy, overweight and his hair is just a little too long to be controlled. But last night he was worse than ever, with a large purple area on his face, (which could be the symptom of some health issue, or could be a large bruise)and a reddened and infected-looking set of scratches on his lower jaw. He was surprised to see me, and said something fairly unintelligible about why he was there -- something about Tiffany, so perhaps he is leaving -- and then I left. I've been wondering, since, if he was in a fight or attacked someone or something that I should have reported? Not that the police department would welcome the report if I called it in: "Hey, I saw a guy with some scratches on his face -- you got any missing women?"

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