Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Driving a blue sedan

Last night I closed the sliding glass door. It has been open for several months, but last night, as I shivered while going around turning off lights preparatory to going to bed, I closed it. Is the Summer over? The Summer, meaning this period of still, hot, merciless weather is over, I do believe, and hallelujah! I like my blue skies to be bracketed between little showers in the night, and to have the occasional breeze moving across them. I like my temperatures to nudge the thermometer up around eighty, and that is hot weather, not 95 and onward. I like a cool, temperate summer, which is why I live in the PNW.

This morning, as I was driving to work, my eye was caught by a flash and I looked up the road, as I was slowing on Hwy 224 before turning down the circular descending on-ramp to I-205. It was a large black SUV, which had been several cars ahead of me as we made our way up the highway, and had just passed the on-ramp when it braked, slid over to the side of the road while all its red-and-blue flashers came on. I caught the tiniest corner-of-the-eye glimpse of it turning, or backing, or something, as I disappeared around the corner onto the ramp.

Then, I moved from lane to lane until I got into the farthest left, and began to speed up to catch up with traffic, which was really moving that morning. When suddenly: zziiiiip! a small black car, very low and speedy zipped horizontally across all four lanes into the fast lane and came right up on my tail. Very, very close. I sped up, then looked to see if I could get over to the right (I was doing about 70, and can't go much faster, the car starts to wobble) but could not, momentarily, and the little black car was hanging right there on my tail. Several seconds passed and then zziiiippp! all its previously unsuspected red-and-blue lights came whirling on and there it went, once again, rapidly, horizontally across four lanes, and right up on the tail of another car, which -- you know, looked a lot like mine. So they were all out there looking for someone, and he was driving a blue sedan.

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