Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cancel Your Own F**g Mooch

Dear Canadian BookMooch Member,

Although I have already responded to your e-mail message, I did so in such a polite and cheery way, that I am still sitting here fuming. Where the heck do you get off? BookMooch is a group of people who very kindly give their books to one another, yes. And it does cost money to send the books that people mooch from you. But one of the fundamental options we are all given, is the choice whether or not to send to people in other countries. I chose not to. I could describe my financial situation to you, but I won't. The fact of the matter is, I can't afford it. Really. I CAN"T AFFORD IT.

When you sent me a message, asking me if I would send a book to you in Canada, I promptly responded. I apologized! I said that if you had an angel, I certainly would, but that I was sorry, I couldn't afford international postage. And then I got your response:

Thank you for your response but that all sounds too difficult and a bit surprising, really, since it only costs 3 or 4 dollars to send a book to Canada. Just cancel my mooch.

Well, then I guess I'm just VERY POOR! Did that never occur to you? That I might know exactly how much it costs to mail to Canada, and I CAN'T AFFORD IT? Or are poor people somehow below the line of Worthy of the Effort of Politeness? Glad you're rich! Or clueless! OR rich AND clueless! And bad-mannered and stupid and snotty and not worth my time!

And you know what? Cancel your own fucking mooch!

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