Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Because He Wants a Motorcycle

Such a lovely morning! I am so filled with glee by it that I must comment. This could be the perfect summer morning! If it were not for the undeniable beauty of other types of mornings.... You see I am easily pleased with weather. There are only certain types that I dislike, and even then I can usually appreciate the beauty of them, even as I look at them with loathing.

But today is lovely. Grey sky, thick soft cloud cover, delicate grey rain in tiny droplets, enough to cool the air and freshen it a bit, in spite of the eighties temperatures the Weathermen are promising for later in the day. I love shades of grey! Especially combined with shades of green!

This morning on the deck with my coffee, I heard an angry yowling, not unlike the cat that lives somewhere nearby and howls in the evenings. Didn't sound quite like a cat, though -- smaller, I think. Although the amount of noise a creature can make is not tied to their size, certainly.

Joe spent the night last night. He is finally nearing completion of his GED testing. After more than a year! He is doing very well at it, though, as I knew he would if he would only get his act together and take it. It is unfortunate that it won't matter even slightly, in the end -- no one is going to ask him how far above passing his score was. And now he walks around repeating how much he wants a job, and how he longs to work so very, very hard for someone, etc. I find myself biting my tongue again and again. And sometimes not biting it, as yesterdy, when I responded to another version of this rant, by pointing out that often LOOKING for a job is more helpful than moaning and groaning about a lack of one.

It's because he wants a motorcycle.

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