Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Blues

Actually, now that I'm at the library and at last have my fingers on this keyboard, I am feeling much better. My unhappiness, briefly stated, is definable in one word -- Joe. 'Nough said.

Yesterday was real estate class day, and breakfast with Mickey at O'Conner's day -- and soon turned into daylong hangout with Mickey and Billy and Kevin and entertaining Bryson and Calhoun day. Still, a good time was had by me, at least -- and everyone else seemed to have a good time as well, except for Joe. And Joe's distress was caused by a hangover from the night before of drink and unnamed drug use -- or at least affected by that, if not caused. Don't want to be too dismissive here.

Class was pretty interesting, too -- all about decommissioning old underground oil tanks. And breakfast at O'Conner's was actually delicious -- oatmeal and raisins. Yum. Afterward we had arranged for Joe and Kevin to get Joe's big screen TV, and for the rest of the family to hang out with me while they did that. We fed the ducks and geese and nutrias several loaves of bread, which was pretty exciting for everyone, especially Bryson, who does get pretty torqued up when things have any oomph to them. And it was Kevin's birthday, so that was fun as well.

However, Joe's issue -- well, let's see. Joe has all sorts of issues, and they come and go. His most recent issues, however, seem to be 1)the fact that he does not have a bedroom in my apartment, and 2) a very rude girlfriend, and 3) new and different life plans which call for him to stay at home and join the National Guard, and 4) that I thoughtlessly paid his ticket for him by sending a check to the office, instead of waiting to hear from him about it (today) and letting him carry the check to the office himself, thereby getting a note from them that he could then carry to the DMV and pay their fine and get his license reinstated. I did, however, point out to him that he was not yet in a state of suspension, which ought to please him, when he can calm down enough to think it over.

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